The Season of Hope

Hi friends!

How’s winter treating you all?! It almost smells like spring and we can’t wait! A few days ago I went to visit my friend Mili the Mermaid. She is usually really cheerful and happy-go-lucky! But something wasn’t right that day. She wasn’t talking much. She just mumbled her answers or kept quiet. I couldn’t see my friend this way.

“What’s wrong Mili?”

“I miss my parents so much. I wonder if I’ll ever see them?”

Mili’s parents went missing when she was really young. She has been searching for them
ever since.

“Look around Mili. Nature is all about hope. New life. New Beginnings. New possibilities.

Mili smiled. She was my strongest friend! She could handle anything.

“Maybe I’ll find my parents this year. Maybe I’ll finally get my answers.”

That is the power of hope of my friends! It has a way of squeezing its way into our hearts like an unseen power and after that….. we can achieve anything!

“Never lose hope my dear heart, Miracles dwell in the invisible!” Rumi

Till next time! Stay hopeful. Stay happy!



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