A Place of Wonders

Hello friends!

How have you all been?! Ooloo (my travel buddy) and I just got back from my most favourite place in the world! Can you guess…?


There’s so much to see there! From the famous Aya Sofya Museum (Hagia Sophia) , Topkapı Palace of the Ottoman Era to the ever famous Blue Mosque :mosque: And yes it’s also the country of beloved Islamic scholar and Poet Rumi!

Turkey is a history-rich country!! So many empires ruled here and then the most famous Muslim Ottoman Empire went on to rule the whole world for centuries! If you’re a history buff like me you’ll love learning about this magical country. I’ll write more about the wonders of Turkey.

What country do you want to visit someday? Or just learn about at home with your parents? Let me know and maybe we can learn about them together!

Alright, buddies. I’ll talk to you later. The doorbell just rang. Sour Chimp wanted to hear all about our travel stories. It must be him!



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